Trophy For A Star

by Mary

I work in a small clothing shop with 6 other employees. One of the staff has been there since the store opened, almost 10 years ago, but now she is leaving. In a couple of months, she will be leaving to start up her own business. Before she leaves, we want to throw her a party.

Kathy is known for her honesty and hard work. She has always treated the store like it was her own. The owner is going to present her with an inscribed star-shaped trophy at the party. So the decorating committee (I am the committee lol!) decided to have a star theme.

Our lunchroom/staff room in the store is small so it will be easy to decorate. I'll string some twinkling white lights around the room and some star banners. Of course the paper cups and plates will have stars on them.

Instead of a cake, we decided that serving cupcakes would be easier. The icing will be topped with chocolate sprinkles, shaped like a star. (I bet you guessed that one!)

I am going to try and find out if a famous "star" has the same birthday date as Kathy. Maybe I should get a picture of Donald Trump instead since she is going into business. He is sort of a TV star. We could have Kathy practice saying "You're fired!" a few times throughout the party. Hey, we could even use that saying as a toast!

Selecting decorations is easy once you have a theme. I'll have to watch myself so that I don't go overboard. It fun to think that it all started with a trophy.

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