Team Parent Guidelines
For A Sucessful Season!

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Here are some team parent guidelines to help insure a successful season. As the team parent you are the one everyone looks to to get the jobs done. You will be the coordinator for the team and it is important to attend every practice and game. The team parent guidelines basic duties include:

Set up a snack schedule whereby each team member takes a turn at providing an after game snack. The team parent usually provides the snack after the first game. You should make a schedule available to each team member and your phone and e-mail address so you can deal with any changes that may come up in the course of the season. You should also provide healthy snacks after the first game and encourage others to try to bring healthy snacks as well.

If the league or sponsoring organization send out information hand-outs it is your responsibly to make sure each parent gets the information.

Most teams will have a team photo taken once the season has started and you should notify the other parents of the time that will take place(usually prior to a game or practice). Any player wishing to purchase a photo package must pay for it at the time the picture is taken.

Fallowing the last game of the season there is usually an awards dinner. Each team will arrange for there own season ending celebration. The team parent plays an important role in coordination this event for their team including arranging for trophies, an appreciation gift for the team's coaches, and setting up the dinner, potluck, pizza or what ever you choose. This is a great time to get some of the other parents in on the act to help you.

Sometimes if you buy your trophies online you can get a better price and not have to pay tax and in some cases get free or discounted engraving of the trophy. Click here to go to the Trophy store they have an outstanding assortment of trophies and awards at great prices. The kids really enjoy the bobble head trophies. Plan to purchase your award at least three weeks prior to the end of the season to insure enough time to have them at the awards dinner.

The coach will usually present the trophy after dinner which is a good time to get a photo taken with the team member and coach. It is your job to transport the trophy to the dinner.

We wish you the best of luck and hope you have a wonderful season and we hope these team parent guidelines will be helpfull. Solo Build It!