Presenting the Kid Soccer Trophy
Ten Tips to Have A Successfull End of Season Party!

Sports memorabilia for all U.S. teams! This kid soccer trophy. will be the highlight of the end of season soccer party. The end of season should be a time of fun with new friends.

Here are some tips to help you plan a successful event.

1. Collect the money in advance so you know how much budget you are working with.

2. Choose a place within the budget, if it is a limited budget a park will work great.

3. If the budget is a little larger you can have it at one of the local pizza joints. They will usually give you a deal if you are bringing a large group.

4. If you are on a tight budget a pot luck is always fun though a little extra work to organize.

5. The party could also be less formal and just gather for the awards and snacks.

6. The coach will usually present the kid soccer trophy or metal to each member of the team.

7. This is a good time for the parents to get a photo of their child and coach.

8. The coach will usually say a few words and then the team will present a gift or award to the coach.

9. Some teams will give a small gift or gift certificate to the assistant coaches as well.

10. Remember to make it fun. Plan the event to include some playtime. Order your awards and gifts early to prevent stress.

If you are looking for a fun kid soccer award the bobblehead trophies are always fun and will stand out in the trophy case. The trophy store online has a complete kid soccer trophy line and will engrave and ship them directly to your door. That is nice because you have enough to do. Click here to contact us directly. Solo Build It!