How To Design A
Custom Engraved Gift.

You can design your own custom engraved gift for that special person. This engraved gift will hold special meaning for years to come.

Engraved with your special words this gift will represent thoughtfulness and the care you put into the gift.

Go to the trophy store online to see a large assortment of gift ideas. You can choose from a number of things that make wonderful engraved gifts. Glass, silver, gold, Nambe, are just a few of the gifts that are excellent for engraving. Picture frames also make wonderful engraved keepsakes.

The choices are all up to you. Once you have decided on the gift the next thing to decide is what your special message will be. It may be a very personal message or the lyrics to your song. It may be a reminder of some event or accomplishment.

The gift should be engraved using the latest laser engraving technology for a sharp lasting impression. Art work or a logo can also be included if you would like. Remember to double check your text and art work because the engraver will reproduce your text exactly.

I am sure you will find a suitable gift or award at our online store. If you don't or have any questions click here to contact me directly.

I will be happy to help you find just the right gift and answer all your questions. You can shop with confidence that your piece will be professionally engraved and sent directly to your door.

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