Design Your Own Creative Trophies
You Can Create A Truly Unique Award!

Let your imagination go wild while you envision truly unique and creative trophies.

With all the materials available, you can create true works of art for your next award or trophy.

At the trophy store online we have made many custom creative trophies.

Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Start with the finished product in mind, brainstorm your ideas until you have a good idea of what you want to build.

Once you have the finished piece in mind, you need to choose what medium you want to work with.

Choose from acrylics, crystal, silver, Nambe , glass, and wood.

These materials come pre cut or you can have them cut to your specific shape and size.

Have the piece engraved with the artwork or logo of your choice and any text you want to include.

Site Build It!

Use state of the art computer driven laser engraving technology. This technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities. We have great success engraving pictures and even portraits. Remember you must have sharp clear art work to work off of.

Look at the engraved glass and acrylic pieces on our web site for more ideas. Don't over look wood and such unusal pieces as Nambe for a truly unique look.

If you are not doing the work yourself choose a crafts person that understands your wishes and vision for the finished piece. Please take a moment to brows our trophy store online. We are proud of our craftsmen and there talent. Some of the work from our work shop have been displayed in museums and fine art gallery's.

We would be happy to help you create your special vision. Simply e-mail me with your ideas and art work and let our talented artisans and engravers do the rest. We will create the piece or pieces and deliver the creative trophy directly to your door.

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