Company Award Trophy Presentation.
How To Make It Fun.

It's time to present the company award trophy to an outstanding employee or team member. Keep in mind this is a great opportunity to motivate others in the audience to strive to be next years recipient.

So what can you do to make this event memorable and successful? Here are some tips to help make the event come off without a hitch.

If the award is being presented at an awards banquet, the meal should be rather light and the presentation should be made immediately after dinner. People tend to get sleepy after eating a heavy meal.

The presenter should be brief with their remarks but include some background into what the company award trophy represents. The presenter should also keep in mind the guests may not know the inter workings of the organization. Again this is a great opportunity to motivate the employees in the audience to win it next year.

A dash of humor is always good to keep the audience's attention but be careful. The wrong joke could make for some unwanted drama around the water cooler on Monday morning.

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If the company has it's own award or plaque that is great. It simply needs to be professionally engraved with the company logo, the recipients name and date. It is a good idea to personalise the award to fit the situation.

There are unlimited possibilities available from crystal bowls, wooden plaques and even bobble head trophies are fun in the right circumstances. Nambe ware and silver platters make beautiful laser engraved trophies.

If the event is for the retirement of a special person click on this link for information to make this fond farwell an event to remember.

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