Gavels For Judges Clubs and Auctioneers Delivered

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come in a number of materials and styles. They make for great awards or for recognition. They are both butiful and useful in club events such as the Elks clubs, and Moose Lodges.

Here are some guidelines on the proper use in deliberative assemblies. For instance, the chair is never to use it in an attempt to drown out a disorderly member, rather, the chair should give one vigorous tap at a time at intervals. The chair should not lean on it, juggle or toy with it, or use it to challenge or threaten or to emphasize remarks. The prohibited practice of a chair cutting off members' right to debate or introduce secondary motions by quickly putting a question to vote before any member can get the floor is referred to as "gaveling through" a measure.

It can also be used to attract attention and call a meeting to order. In most organizations, two raps raise and one rap seats the assembly; in others, two raps raise and three raps seat it. To maintain order and restore it when breached in the course of the proceedings. (Rap the it once, but vigorously.) To be handed over to successors in office or to officiating officers as ceremonials. (Always extend the holding end.)

Our gavels are also used in courts and senate chambers through out the country.

They come in wood, silver brass and as plaques. The wood ones should be made of a good hard wood to insure durability. Some come with the sounding board for court house use.

Some can be engraved but in most cases it is preferable to engrave a plate or ring to put on the plaque or sounding block. for a complete selection go to the . They have professional engravers that use the latest computer driven laser engraving technology. If you have any questions please click here to contact me directly. The trophy store will engrave your item and deliver it directly to your home or office. Solo Build It!